Light Pattern machine (2013)

The Light Pattern machine was created to photograph long programs that are hard to do by hand. It photographs whatever is in front of it, without regard to content or readability of the resulting image.

In The Recursive Program, the machine photographs itself in the mirror, in order to create a program that calls itself endlessly, often freezing the machine:

The Light Pattern machine was created from a filter wheel (designed for laser systems), with the filters swapped out. It's brain is an Arduino Mega with the USB host shield to control the camera (I have it programmed for any EOS camera but use the classic Canon Rebel XTi) and a motor shield to control the servo on the filter wheel.

Source code to control the machine can be found on Github. The "EosProgram.cpp" file is generated by the Light Pattern compiler.

This is what I started with. I miss having the doorbell to trigger it to begin:

Light Pattern prototype (2011)